So, after a few months of begging by my friend, I've begun playing Ingress- a game that Google runs that's sort of a cross between Geocaching and Capture the Flag.  Basically, all players are divided into two teams-- the green Enlightened (Frogs) and the blue Resistance (Smurfs).  There's a whole story line there, but I haven't really gotten into that.

The game is played via an app on any Android device using a data connection and your GPS receiver.  Players roam all around their city in search of player-added portals which exist in parks or by buildings/statues/memorials of interest.  A portal is controlled by one of the two teams.  Players can hack any portal to get gear from it.  If it's an enemy portal, they can try to attack it and take it over for their team.  

Once a portal is on your side, you can link it to another nearby portal, and create triangular fields out of 3 portals.  Players get Action Points, or AP for doing stuff and this is how you level up.  You must also collect XM which gives you power.  I am currently at level 4 out of 8 and on the resistance team.  That makes me a smurf.

It's pretty fun, but I've literally only been playing about 24 hours.  A few friends have been nice enough to show me tricks and help me get AP by creating links and fields to level up.  Hopefully it will continue to be fun and hopefully my wife won't kill me for spending too much time playing.